Park at the Ark

UK Barrier Services were commissioned to replace a pair of barriers for the ARK Conference and Events centre. Based in Basingstoke it’s a premier venue in the south of England for all types of events from seminars to formal dinners.

The venue wanted to update the parking equipment for its private parking area. The barriers are now operated through a new wireless GSM intercom and the existing keypads. UK Barrier Services installed Magnetic Microdrive Access barriers which are specifically designed for use in high frequency sites, e.g. industrial sites, residential buildings or parking areas. The Magnetic Access range not only offers a long-life cycle, great reliability and quality but also has an enduring design with extremely low operational costs.

For this installation LED illuminated barrier arms were chosen to offer maximum visibility. These are red in the down position, flash red during the opening and closing phases and are green when the barrier is fully open.

Stuart Newton, UK Barrier Services Director stated “we find the product very easy to install, it’s designed with efficiency and safety in mind as well as conformity.” They would always recommend the installation be carried out by an approved automation engineer.

‘Hold-Open’ key switches were installed on the side of each barrier to allow a local hold-open option when security wish to allow free access to the car park. The exit barrier has an induction loop which opens on approach of a vehicle and closes once the vehicle has passed through the barrier and cleared the induction loop and photocells, which speeds up the exit of vehicles.

Optional safety enhancing solutions were also included, 2x sets of photocells, induction loops and audible sounders located inside the barrier housings which operate during the closing phase. Both barriers were force tested during commissioning phase to confirm their compliance with the impact requirements of the Euro norms.

Both barriers have been colour coded to the clients own specific RAL paint code.  This is a popular option with customers looking to tie the barriers in with the aesthetics of the environment.

With the expertise of UK Barrier Services the client has been so pleased with the products and installation that they have taken out a scheduled maintenance contract for the foreseeable future.