Presenting Scheidegger & Spiess architecture books in December

Presenting Scheidegger & Spiess Architecture Books in December


Marks the 50th anniversary of Le Corbusier's death

One of Le Corbusier’s most significant books becomes available again in English. The “Precisions”, as the book is commonly known, emerged from a spontaneous and exuberant series of 10 lectures Le Corbusier gave in Buenos Aires in 1929, reflecting a new maturity in his thinking. They contain some of his most compelling aphorisms, covering technique as the basis of architecture, the human scale in design, furniture, the private house, apartments and office buildings, the city, the League of Nations competition, teaching architecture. As he spoke, Le Corbusier improvised colour drawings on large sheets of paper.

This new edition for the first time features all of Le Corbusier’s drawings in colour. A new essay by British scholar Tim Benton, written for this new edition, contextualises the “Precisions” within Le Corbusier’s oeuvre and comments on their lasting significance.


Invent the Future with Elements of the Past


Following in the footsteps of renowned Swiss sociologist and urbanist Lucius Burckhardt, 12 artists embarked on a walking tour of Zurich in search of the narrative of urban design. In the 1980s, Burckhardt had proposed the concept of a science of Strollology, based on his view that only by strolling we truly perceive our environment. Burckhardt, a pioneer of modern urbanism, also re-defined architecture as “orbiting around man, space, and achievement”. The artists understood Burkhardt first as a reference point, which inspired them to develop their ideas.