RECYFIX® GREEN grass reinforcement modules installed at Banovallum School, Horncastle, Lincolnshire

The Hauraton RECYFIX® GREEN STANDARD surface reinforcement grid system was used extensively in the grassed pathways, where a high footfall was expected, and the grassed areas surrounding Banovallum School, Horncastle. The system helped to prevent erosion and improve surface drainage. Once installed, the RECYFIX® GREEN modules were discreet, yet provided a permanent surface reinforcement to the grassed areas with a loading capacity of 200 tonne/m².

Manufactured from 100 per cent recycled polypropylene (PP), two sizes of module were installed; size 1 – 387 x 344 x 38mm at 0.7 kg and size 2 – 387 x 555 x 38mm at 1.2kg. The modules were simply held in position with 250mm ABS pegs.

The pathways and area to be grassed were excavated, covered with a granular sub-base, a layer of sharp sand applied and then rolled.  The RECYFIX® GREEN modules were then secured on top of the rolled surface and their apertures filled with top soil which was compacted then grass seeded. The grass was left to grow over several weeks before access was allowed.

Colin Taff, Hauraton‘s Project Engineer comments

“The RECYFIX® GREEN modules can also be specified for grassed areas with occasional vehicular usage such as car parking spaces also bridleways, roof terraces, urban green spaces, around trees and lawns. They can also be used in sports grounds, golf course pathways, camping places, holiday parks and reinforcements for rail and road embankments and river banks.

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