Refurbishment scheme makes a splash in Cleethorpes

The location for Cleethorpes’ 1980s-built leisure centre couldn’t be better. Sitting on the seafront in the popular resort town, the building makes the most of views of the shoreline with full height windows that connect the pool areas inside with the sea and the beach outdoors.

Time to Update
After 30 years’ of use by both the local community and holiday makers, the local authority asset was in need of a facelift and an upgrade, inside and out. After successfully applying for Sport England Funding towards the cost of converting the old-style, single-sex changing rooms to a more family-friendly unisex changing village, the centre’s operating company ‘Lincs Inspire’ decided to make the most of the required four-month shut down period with a full refurbishment, including renewal of the building envelope.

Designed by the Council’s architectural services partner, Cofely, and delivered by main contractor, Gelder, the resulting six-month programme, involved both internal and external refurbishment. Indeed, some of the improvements made to the building envelope were driven by the impact that external wear and tear was having on the interiors.

Explains Jon Wilcox from NE Lincolnshire Council:

“The roof was a major area of concern because water ingress had already started to discolour some of the ceiling tiles in the pool area so it was affecting both the internal environment and showing evidence of failure.

“We needed a system that could be installed quickly without the need for a strip out of the existing roofing materials and could withstand the marine environment, strong winds and high levels of UV that the leisure centre is subject to in its coastal location: Kemper System’s Kemperol V210 cold liquid-applied system was ideal.”

Fast and Effective
The roof was first cleaned and prepared, then the Kemperol V210 waterproofing system was applied on top of the existing failed asphalt roof. Applied wet-on-wet in a single process, the Kemperol resin saturates a non-woven polyester reinforcement fleece and cures to form a seamless, durable, UV stable, monolithic membrane that bonds directly to the substrate.

Stuart Hicks from Kemper System adds:

“The Kemperol V210 system has been designed to withstand even the harshest conditions. The direct bond created across the entire overlaid substrate when the resin cures greatly reduces the risk of wind uplift during stormy conditions, which is important for a coastal project like this.”

The leisure centre’s external cladding was also failing, and this was removed and replaced with a new, hardwearing SIP panel system.

Feature lighting was then introduced in the eaves of the roof to enable Lincs Inspire to light up the building in mood colours during the evening and showcase the improvements to the building.

Aspirational Aspect
Following the building envelope renewal and refurbishment of the poolside and changing areas, the leisure centre is now completed and welcoming users once again.

Jon adds:

“NE Lincs Council has worked hard to ensure Cleethorpes has a clean beach and excellent water quality and this refurbishment can be seen as an extension of that commitment.”