Rocking the bathroom with statement washbasins from Kaldewei

Kaldewei as well as being a leading brand in the bathroom industry is also renowned for its green stance; helping the environment with its support of the WWF and with it their own sustainable policies and practices.

It was this stance that drew the attention of legendary rockstar and photographer Bryan Adams.

“If we take our responsibility towards each other and our environment seriously, we can see we are all naturally connected and have a responsibility to look after each other and our planet.” says the photographer.

With this in mind a unique collaboration between Bryan Adams and Kaldewei evolved into the project “Natural Union”. With his empathetic and professional vision, Adams photographed the 2021 washbasin collection; the charismatic images are emotionally charged with a strong message.

“Everyday actions such as washing your hands have never been more important” this message highlights the concept behind the campaign, which features hands of all ages, sexes and nationalities coming together under running water, over the exquisite new Ming and colourful Miena washbasins.

The Ming and Miena Steel Enamel Washbasins

The new Ming washbasin is the embodiment of subtle sophistication forming an elegant silhouette, whether for the minimalist bathroom or more imaginative spaces.

Miena invigorates the bathroom with a totally new colour palette of blue and violet hues creating a perfect statement piece.   The Kaldewei steel enamel used to create the washbasin is made up of a percentage of recycled steel enamel and is 100% recyclable too. Creating a stylish environmental statement for any bathroom – #NaturalUnion.