Specifying Movement Joints and Uncoupling Membranes for Tiled Coverings

Substrates for tile and stone expand and contract with changes in temperature and moisture.

The CPD seminar on specifying movement joints and uncoupling membranes, brought to you by Schlüter-Systems, highlights how stresses from drying shrinkage, deflection and moisture movement in the substrate can be solved through specifying appropriate movements joints and uncoupling membranes.

The benefits of this CPD directly address: 

  • What are movement joints and why should we use them?
  • Where to locate movement joints and how to specify the right ones for specific applications?
  • What’s uncoupling and what are the features of modern uncoupling membranes?
  • The multi functions of modern uncoupling membranes.
  • Where should they be used and what is the best practice for installation?
  • Other factors to consider for specification such as costs and environmental issues.

Movement Joints – Explained

The CPD seminar covers all the difference types of movement joint and their application, including:

  • Wall Expansion Joints – best practice and British Standards
  • Floor Movement joints – best practice and British Standards
  • Heated floor movement joints
  • Problems and solutions for corners and connections
  • Problems and solutions for intermediate movement joints

Uncoupling Membranes – Multiple Functions

The CPD seminar covers how different types of bonded uncoupling membranes are designed for different intended applications:

  • Uncoupling
  • Crack bridging
  • Load distribution
  • Waterproofing
  • Vapour pressure equalisation

There are four CPD seminars in the Schlüter-Systems series:

– Integrated Solutions for Wetrooms with Tile and Stone Coverings

– Modular Underfloor Heating Systems for Tile and Stone Coverings

– Movement Joints and Uncoupling Membranes for Tile and Stone Coverings

– Balcony and Terrace Solutions for Tile and Stone Coverings

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