Stick or unitised? Hueck answers the question in a new CPD event

Working with unitised façades when delivering a building envelope requires a very different approach compared to the conventional stick curtain walling. Having a good understanding of what can be achieved with each type of installation will eliminate any possibility of under/over specifying, and will help identify the most cost effective solution for every project.

Hueck UK, the British branch of one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of aluminium windows, doors and façade systems, is tackling this subject in a new CPD seminar, which will take place on July 29th, at The Building Centre in London. The event is hosted by Hueck, as part of its ongoing commitment to being a responsible supplier for the industry, as well as to provide knowledge, expertise, and the latest technical information on façades for industry professionals wanting to stay ahead of the curve.

Leon Friend, Hueck UK project development director, said:

“It is the industry’s established view that stick systems are best used in low rise projects, and represent a more economical solution than unitised façades, whereas the latter are an ideal choice for specialist high rise constructions, and deliver a faster onsite installation, but can potentially double the meter square cost. While this is generally true, we’re aiming to offer a more in-depth perspective of the different types of applications each of these solutions can accommodate in the most cost effective way, while successfully meeting all requirements.

“In our module, ‘Stick built or unitised façades: making the choice’, we’ll be presenting a more technical perspective, backed by our test results, experience, and specific case studies. We’d like to extend the invitation to our CPD event to all interested parties – they can register their interest by getting in touch with us via phone or email.”

The event will also include a presentation by Interpon, the world leader in powder coatings, and one by Sika, the global manufacturer of specialty products for construction, on structural sealant glazing and insulating glass in SSG applications. Finally, Interpane, one of Europe’s leading glass processors, will speak about the glazing challenges in curtain wall façade installations for high rise buildings.

“We organise free of charge CPD seminars on a regular basis, and the upcoming event in July is a unique opportunity for all construction and design professionals to gain up-to-date knowledge on a series of hot topics within the building envelope sector,” added Leon.

Hueck is one of the largest and most innovative aluminium systems companies in Europe, delivering over 1,000 major building projects all over the world. With more than 200 years’ experience in engineering, the company has first started its extrusion operations in 1908, and has seen its window, door and façade systems specified in some of the most iconic buildings around the world.