Strictly Dry Room

Substantial flooding to a subterranean hall with dance floor resulted in severe damage to the walls and floor, which has been rectified by specialist contractor Oak Damp Proofing using materials from Delta Membrane Systems.

Water had seeped through the junction of the wall and the floor, at the Bourne Hall Community Centre in Ewell, Surrey – which is used for a number of community activities including dancing.

Some 240m2 of MS20 was used for the floor. This is a compression-resistant, durable dimpled sheet made from special high density polyethylene, and is suitable for use as damp proofing on walls and floors.

The heavy gauge option has 20mm deep studs, and can be used in situations where extra drainage capacity is required, or a larger flow rate is needed.

On the walls, Delta MS500 has been employed. Benefits offered with the Delta MS500 cavity drainage membrane include resistance to chemicals and root penetration, and neutrality with drinking water.

Ideally suited for use in refurbishment or creation of basements, this product is part of the Delta System 500 package for basement work.

To ensure moisture is taken from the area, some 90m of Delta Drainage Channel has been installed. This is a water collection conduit which is bedded into a preformed channel at the floor/wall angle.

Two Delta Dual Pumps have also been installed to remove the water from the building.

By using the Delta range of products, Oak Damp Proofing has ensured that the many users of the Bourne Hill Community Centre have been able to return to their activities with little inconvenience.