SUTD shows Ben van Berkel / UNStudio’s approach to tomorrow’s campus

The university campus of The Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) designed by UNStudio and DP Architects shows a profound vision of the changing needs of educational institutions. Connectedness, collaboration, co-creation, innovation and social cohesion form the basic idea for the campus of the future.

Ben van Berkel said:

“The emphasis in the design is quality infrastructure, connectivity and to create an open, transparent and light teaching facility that meets the requirements of a modern campus. In this way, the SUTD students do not overwhelm with one vision, but they just offer the opportunity to develop their own architectural language. “

The creative entrepreneurship of the school makes it possible to establish an interdisciplinary interface that allows for interaction between students, teachers, and the professional world.

Ben van Berkel said:

“Thanks to the introduction of diagonal lines, vistas, horizontal and vertical links, covered pedestrian connections and tapered running, the buildings create an openness that ensures that the buildings are perceived as one coherent whole.”

At the central hub UNStudio has designed a flexible space for exhibitions, events and interaction. This campus centre is the intellectual heart of the campus in the auditorium, the International Design Centre and the university as the main hubs.

The SUTD is a sustainable project in which a number of architectural interventions integrated solutions are designed to provide the conditions in the tropical climate of Singapore’s head. Based on extensive studies of orientation and wind for example, is used everywhere natural ventilation in the design, in addition to cooling techniques, covered pedestrian routes, blinds for sun protection, open voids, plenty of natural light in the interior and protection against heavy rainfall.

Ref: 72122