Sylan washrooms: True quality never shouts

There are many things in life worth making a noise about: your team’s big win; being reunited with a long lost friend; watching your favourite band. Yet there are others that deserve the simplicity of silence, preferring to earn its appreciation without making a sound. A Sylan washroom is one of those.

Take their pivot hinge. Here, it is ensured that the heavyweight door has two rock-solid anchor points – one in the headrail and the other on the foot of the pilaster. Hidden completely from view inside the headrail, an adjustable spring and damper capsule controls the speed of the door and closes it beautifully. At ground level, an unseen stainless steel bearing raceway smoothly glides the door to a soft and silent close.

A rounded heel detail on the door ensures a totally flush line, with no visible hinge in the closed position. Just as discreet, the headrail can be fixed to within 10mm of the ceiling so privacy is never compromised.

That attention to detail, that sense of luxury, doesn’t stop on the outside of a Sylan washroom, it continues past the door as well. The fixings are completely invisible, hidden within seamless joints that will not rattle and will not move about. You’ll never know they’re there, but they will support the whole system; strong yet silent. All these components are tested to a minimum of 100,000 cycles before they’re approved. It’s a dedication to getting the details not just right, but perfect, that means a silent, unrushed feeling every time. And that speaks volumes about Sylan.