Taking steps to modernise construction through collaboration, innovation and education

The procurement and delivery of construction projects in the United Kingdom can be modernised, with benefits for all – the Construction supply chain as well as clients. The construction business is worth £65 billion a year, of which direct expenditure by government departments and their agencies accounts for £7.5 billion. Government spending on construction will increase substantially following the spending Review 2000 which has doubled net public investment on infrastructure over the next three years to £19 billion to deliver improved transport, schools and hospitals. This higher level of spending on capital projects increases the requirement for improvements in public sector procurement and management of new construction, refurbishment and repair and maintenance.

With Government plans to increase infrastructure spending to £19 billion over the next three years, the need for widespread implementation of good practice now has a greater degree of urgency.

Mark Farmer CEO of CAST and author of Modernise or Die states, “The construction industry is in dire need of change. What is clear to me following the nine months spent conducting this review is that carrying on as we are is simply not an option. With digital technology advancements pushing ahead in almost every other industry and with the construction labour pool coming under serious pressure, the time has come for action. The construction industry doesn’t have the impetus needed for this change; it requires external action to initiate change.”

The industry seems to be at a plateau at the moment. That’s why, it is crucial for construction to open its gates to new technologies. The optimisation of the construction project management procedure combined with the adoption of an open-mind towards change will result in saving the industry’s future. In any other case, construction will start facing an even deeper crisis during the upcoming years.

This will be discussed in greater detail by Jonathan Lock, Director, Design4Structures at Explore Offsite Outlooks – he will be speaking about ‘driving change and increase efficiencies through collaborative working using the latest in digital technology, whilst working towards reducing the projected skills shortage, through industry specific and relevant training.’

Jonathan Lock will be joined at Explore Offsite Outlooks by an outstanding speaker line-up that includes: Andrew Orriss, Sales Director – SIG360; Ben Lever, Future Skills Manager – CITB; Elite Sher- Head of VR & AR – Bryden Wood Technology; John Eynon, Engagement Lead – BIM Alliance; Dominic Thasarathar, Primary Thought-Leader –  AutoDesk; Alan Clucas, Director – Explore Manufacturing – Laing O’Rourke… and more. For the full list of speakers go to: http://www.exploreoffsite.co.uk/2018-events/explore-offsite-outlooks/conference-speakers/

The Explore Offsite Outlooks conference and supporting exhibition is taking place on 28 February 2018. This one-day conference and exhibition will create a platform for clients and their professional advisers, contractors and project managers and offsite technology suppliers to network with industry experts to discuss the latest developments in digital construction for the offsite sector. Tickets cost just £125 + vat and includes entry into the conference and exhibition, lunch and refreshments. There will also be an optional guided tour of the BRE Innovation Park – to find out more or to secure your place at Explore Offsite Outlooks go to: www.exploreoffsite.co.uk/book