Ten top tips from Lustrolite

The new Abacus video, ’10 Top Tips for working with Lustrolite Glass Effect Acrylic Panels’, is broken down into ten sections to provide helpful advice for the installer who loves this amazing surface kitchen and bathroom product.

  1. Cutting
  2. Drilling
  3. Sanding
  4. Fixing
  5. Wall substrate
  6. Measuring and dry-fit
  7. Kitchens
  8. Expansion
  9. Joining
  10. Cleaning

Lustrolite is an advanced multi-layer acrylic panel that looks like glass and is ideal for heavy-duty vertical applications, such as shower walls kitchen splashbacks in residential and commercial situations. The product is quick and easy to install and, with its gloss finish, ultra-hygienic, hard-coated non-stick surface, does not harbour mould or calcium;bacterial growth is eliminated.

For further information, contact 0345 850 50 40, or visit the Abacus Manufacturing Group YouTube channel to view other installation videos.