Tengbom’s “10 smart square metres” now for sale

The “10 smart square metres” student unit developed in 2013 by Tengbom together with AF Bostäder and Martinssons has now completed its eye-catching and appreciated tour of Sweden. The student unit is now offered to the highest bidder and applications are to be made direct to Tengbom. The final day for making a bid is 10 October 2014.

The student unit “10 smart square metres” developed by Tengbom’s architects together with Martinssons and AF Bostäder, is an interesting alternative since it is environmentally friendly, has an efficient living area and is moveable. Despite their small size, the units are well equipped with a sleeping loft, capacity for kitchen and bathroom and space for socialising. Wood has been used as the building material since it is a carbon dioxide neutral and renewable resource which provides a warm and cosy atmosphere. The choice of material and construction time also make a positive contribution to the building sector’s environmental impact.

Linda Camara, Project Architect and head of Tengbom’s Kalmar office, said:

“We are extremely proud of our “10 smart square metres” and could never have dreamt that this project would attract so much international attention. It is a smart, environmental and efficient accommodation unit that can be used in many situations. We have received many enquiries about acquiring this unique prototype and have therefore decided to sell to the highest bidder.”

Application and bids

The starting price for “10 smart square metres” is SEK 49,000 (as is and excl. freight costs). “10 smart square metres” is at the moment located at Campus, University of Linköping. Applications and final bids should be sent by e-mail to ida.nilsson(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)tengbom.se no later than Friday, 10 October 2014. Tengbom reserves a discretionary and unfettered right to accept or reject bids received. More information about “10 smart square metres” at www.tengbom.se.