Terraxx takes the pressure

Efficient protection and drainage for basements and flat roofs is offered by the high density polyethylene Terraxx range from Delta Membrane Systems, which is featured in a brochure from the company.

The brochure shows how the two-ply sheet is a highly efficient protection and drainage system, and offers an ‘all-round’ solution for horizontal and vertical applications on compression-resistant substrates.

With its fused-on polypropylene geotextile and integrated self-sealing edge, the product offers the functions of a protection, filtration and seepage layer making it particularly suitable for herbaceous roofs – intensively planted roofs which, being thickly covered with soil, do not need an extra water reservoir, but do need high drainage capacity.

Details of how the product can be employed in high traffic areas are also given. Laid out on top of the waterproofing, it forms a robust protection and drainage layer. It may be covered with a layer of sand or chippings which, in turn, may be topped with walkable pavement of stones or flags.

Reliable protection for basement walls is a further benefit offered by Terraxx, and this application is also covered in the brochure.

Those reading the brochure will be able to find the full specifications for the Delta Terraxx product, along with a list of accessories to make the application process easier.