The DallFlex family by Dallmer creates new opportunities

Until recently, shower channels and drains in level-access showers were a fixed unit. The drainage specialist Dallmer has developed a system which separates the drain body from the shower channel. This allows for easier cleaning as well as a flexible shower channel length, facilitating precision-fit integration in the shower base. In doing so, Dallmer offers a drainage system that provides the greatest choice and flexibility possible for drainage in the shower area.

Hygienic, efficient, flexible

The DallFlex drain body is at the heart of the DallFlex system family, and can be used with all models of the CeraFloor and CeraWall shower channels, as well as Zentrix and CeraNiveau. Depending on the channel, DallFlex can be installed at floor-level or directly in the wall. Depending on the variant, the drain body installation height is 30, 65 or 90 mm. This makes the drainage solution an optimal choice for both, refurbishments and new developments.

DallFlex has made a simple task of cleaning the shower channel – a major plus for hygiene and comfort. The channel is simply wiped clean and any dirt in the fully removable trap insert can be quickly rinsed off without any fuss. The sealing collar with click mechanism is always delivered in separate packaging, protecting it from damage when clicking it onto the drain body. Once professionally integrated into the compound seal, the system is permanently tight.

Function and design

The DallFlex system features both, impressive function and sophisticated design. It is able to accommodate a wide range of shower channels, so that options can be tailored to individual taste and budget. The stainless steel shower channels are available in traditional matte or polished surfaces, as well as with additional PVD coating in the trend colours anthracite, red-gold and brass. Between the colour variants, lengths and variations, this offers more than one hundred design options of level-access shower areas.

Modern state of the art bathrooms demand beautiful designs in harmony with functionality. This has opened up many opportunities for Dallmer to design new and visually attractive drainage solutions. Dallmer’s sophisticated product portfolio comprises all types of drainage systems using maximum functionality, top quality materials and outstanding design.