The digital revolution – Explore the potential of smart technology

Transformation is happening all around us and whilst other industries have been quick to make the digital leap – the construction industry has been a little slower out of the starting blocks but now the revolution is well underway. Smart technology is changing the face of construction with a range of devices making complicated tasks much easier – from virtual reality and 3D technology to smart helmets and digital software efficiencies. The rate of advancements is accelerating at such a relentless pace – it cannot be ignored. The combination of offsite manufacturing and digital construction technology presents a compelling proposition.

Taking place on 28 February 2018 in partnership with BRE, Explore Offsite Outlooks will get to grips with the latest innovations and understand how best to implement this technology into an offsite construction strategy.

 Building Information Modelling (BIM) has been the subject of much debate but the software offers so much more than the creation of 3D models. Virtual Reality (VR) – an artificial, computer-generated simulation of an environment – has transformed the way that architects present their vision. It immerses the user by making them feel like they are experiencing the simulated reality first hand – allowing clients to play an integral part of the design process and ‘virtually’ enter the building and validate the layout.  Augmented Reality (AR) on the other hand, provides more freedom for the user because it does not need to be a head-mounted display. Augmented Reality takes the real world and adds something to it – for example a new extension could be digitally superimposed onto an existing building.

Kadine James, 3D Tech Lead for Hobs studios – who describes herself as a learner, maker, innovator and 3D technology enthusiast – will be discussing these advancement at Explore Offsite Outlooks. As a 3D tech evangelist – combining over five years of experience in VR, AR, 3D and 3D printing – Kadine is driven by big ideas, a global mindset and empowering the use of 3D technology in construction and architecture. Kadine is an advocate and thought-leader for the UK’s immersive and disruptive tech industry. As an ambassador, mentor, digital inclusion and diversity consultant – she sets out to create a platform for 3DTech learning opportunities for students to get involved with at their 3DTech studios.

Autodesk’s primary thought-leader for the global Construction and Natural Resources industries – Dominic Thasarathar, claims: “Technology has always disrupted the construction industry. Think of the impact of reinforced concrete, the mechanical excavator or, more recently, building information modelling (BIM) – each has changed existing practices. But what happens when multiple disruptive technologies arrive simultaneously? That is what is looming for the industry, and the implications could be monumental.”

To find the answers to this and many more questions – Dominic Thasarathar will be speaking at Explore Offsite Outlooks. Dominic joined Autodesk in 2011 from a career spanning two decades in international construction and capital projects – he is a Chartered Electrical Engineer and Chartered IT Professional. His focus is the strategic role that information and technology can play in helping companies across those ecosystems respond to changing markets and achieve competitive advantage.

The sector is changing fast. Advancements in virtual reality, digital fabrication and the internet of things will continue to be major disruptors. This has profound implications for the future design of buildings and those who build them. Tomorrows building engineers and architects will need to master the new software programming skills and learn to co-work with automated technology.

Kadine James and Dominic Thasarathar will be joined at Explore Offsite Outlooks by an outstanding speaker line-up that includes: Andrew Orriss, Sales Director – SIG360; Ben Lever, Future Skills Manager – CITB; John Eynon, Engagement Lead – BIM Alliance; Alan Clucas, Director – Explore Manufacturing – Laing O’Rourke… and more.

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This one-day conference and exhibition will create a platform for clients and their professional advisers, contractors and project managers and offsite technology suppliers to network with industry experts to discuss the latest developments in digital construction for the offsite sector. The Explore Offsite Outlooks conference and supporting exhibition is taking place on 28 February 2018.
Tickets cost just £125 + vat and includes entry into the conference and exhibition, lunch and refreshments. There will also be an optional guided tour of the BRE Innovation Park.

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