The Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art is the winner of the prestigious Kasper Salin Prize for Sweden’s Best Building 2017

The Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art in Lund has been renovated on several occasions since its inauguration in 1934. The recent precise extension, which opens up the museum to its surroundings and makes accessible its unique content for a wider audience, has been awarded the Kasper Salin Prize for the Best Building 2017. Architects Elding Oscarson and the commissioner, the National Property Board Sweden, receive Sweden’s most time-honoured and prestigious architectural award at the 2017 Architectural Gala.

“The winner is a striking example of the right idea in the right place. Beyond questions of style and current trends, the project’s solid architectural design solves the functional objective efficiently. It also provides a series of new spaces, which in their interaction with the older parts of the building, enhance the experience of the entire museum,” explains the Chair of the jury, Bolle Tham, architect SAR/MSA, founder and partner of Tham & Videgård Arkitekter.

The Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art in Lund was selected winner in competition with the Landamäre School in Gothenburg, the nursing and care home Trädgårdarna in Örebro, and Bruksgården, an expanded art gallery at the headquarters of the Lindéngruppen in Höganäs. Bolle Tham cites all four as “results of excellent architectural work” whose high quality ensures that they will become truly sustainable.

The jury’s statement:

“A seemingly simple solution in a sensitive and multifaceted situation. With a skilful approach, the new extension allows the visitor to immediately grasp the complex structure of the Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art in Lund. In the form of a contemporary addition in a well-known and proven architectural tradition, beautiful and welcoming spaces are created, elevating the museum to new heights. A close collaboration between the architect and an ambitious developer has resulted in a precise and carefully implemented extension that strengthens the connection to the museum’s collections and the surrounding park area.”

As architecture is something to be experienced with all the senses and not only looked at, the jury visited a number of buildings and examined them in situ in order to assess materials, details, floor plans etc. After which four buildings were nominated and a winner selected, which this year is the Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art in Lund. The jury hopes that the winner will serve as an example for the whole industry:

“As architectural craftsmanship, it is entirely convincing and within a relatively narrow framework it has achieved an execution of material and detailing that raises itself above most contemporary construction projects. In addition, the client’s commitment and belief in the possibilities of architecture are truly inspiring,” Bolle Tham concludes.

Sweden’s most time-honoured and prestigious architectural prize, the Kasper Salin Prize is awarded each year by Sweden Architects at the Architecture Gala. This year the gala is held in Stockholm on 28 November. The prize is presented by Torleif Falk, the City Architect of Stockholm.