The next big thing in platform lifts

How will you use the extra platform size ?

Platform lifts have been around for some time now with the standard platform size of 1100mm wide X 1500mm long more than capable of accommodating a wheelchair passenger and attendant but when you need to move individual items which are longer than 1500mm what do you do ?

This was the situation at Cardiff University in their chemistry building, the University needed to move chemistry trolleys safely and easily between the preparation and chemistry lab which measured 1650mm long. The standard platform lift was too short in length and the next option was a conventional 13 person passenger lift which due to the deep pit requirements, could not be provided in the existing building. After discussion with Axess 4 All the large capacity A8000 platform lift was suggested which has all of the benefits of a platform lift with a small recess and no over travel but with a platform length of 2480mm long.

A space for the A8000 was soon found in the entrance stairwell and as the platform lift would sit inside the existing ornate stairwell, it was decided that the shaft panels should be glazed to allow as much light as possible though the platform lift and continue with the feeling of space within the stair well. To ensure the platform lift would also fulfil its requirements from a disabled access perspective, the unit was fitted with power operated doors with remote push button which allowed wheelchair users to call the lift and be out of the swing of the power operated doors.

Installation took place over the spring half term break so disruption to the University and students was kept to a minimum with the platform lift being installed, commissioned and handed over within a 5 day period.