The Old Spratts Factory carefully re-crafted for the next film shoot

Space Group proudly present this recently refurbished 3,000 square feet residential unit within a converted dog biscuit factory, originally built in 1890. The exciting building complex, called The Old Spratts Factory, falls within a Conservation Area.  This particular building used to contain the grain & flour warehouse and two bakeries. It was originally converted very poorly and some of the original features suffered as a result of that, plus the functionality for residential use was also compromised.

The task was to catapult this amazing space into the 21st Century. This was achieved thanks to a real team effort of a crafty contractor with clever ideas and appreciation for details, visionary clients which very conveniently work in the trade of reclaimed architectural features (Encore Reclamation) and us.

We have changed the layout to provide an extra bedroom, an extra bathroom, an additional shower and a dedicated study area. The existing bathrooms and kitchen have also been replaced, plenty of storage has been added, the heating and all lighting has been enhanced and the entire space received a thermal, fire & acoustic upgrade to meet current Building Regulations.

Original features have been exposed, laid bare and refurbished. These have been complemented with both natural and artificial lighting, as well as a renewed staircase and galleried walkway.

The clients managed perfecting the scheme by sourcing original, reclaimed wooden floor boards, structural timber beams (which were of course approved by the structural engineers), wooden ceiling planks, worktops, light fittings, light switches, matching furniture and even spiral radiators which have mostly been concealed behind solid steel gratings.

The minimal bathrooms feature polished cementitious surfaces which sit in stark contrast to especially handmade tiles, quirky joinery and the existing brick and steel structure. In order to keep the costs low the contractor managed to source second choice taps which, whilst high in quality, actually complete the used look.

For those who may somehow recognize the space we can clarify that the property is frequently featured in movies (such as Samuel L. Jackson’s latest) and on TV series.

And this is what our clients Elisabeth & Aldo Ciarrocchi generously said about the project:

We cannot recommend Space Group Architects highly enough. We undertook a full demolition and re-build of a 3,000 square foot Victorian former factory space and hired Space Group for the project. This was our first time undertaking a refurbishment/re-build. We were extremely excited, but also felt anxious with such an undertaking. We needn’t have felt the latter- with Space Group handling the plans and organisation of the project, and a great team of builders to work with, the overall experience was overwhelmingly positive.

Martin from Space Group offered a measured and focused approach. He truly had a vision for what the space should represent; not only was it a masterful interpretation of what the space should be, but he was able to make it practical and attainable with a full set of plans which catapulted into reality, what our dreams were.

Most importantly, he really listened to us, and took into account our ideas for the project. His plans were straightforward, yet extremely detailed, and he was always on-hand to provide advice on implementing the plans once it came to the building phase of the building work.

As we near completion of the project, we could not be happier with the results. The space is everything we imagined it could be, and more. It feels extremely aspirational, but at the same time it is beautiful in its straightforward simplicity. It is very much a home, and truly loved by our family of four.


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