The sky is the limit for F.H. Brundle’s new ‘invisible’ balcony

A new balcony range has been heralded as the first “practically invisible system on the market”.

The new Sky Force French balcony has been launched by leading wholesale supplier F.H. Brundle.

It promises an easy-on-the-eye and easy-to-install solution for both homes and office blocks with a range of heights and accessories to fit any space.

It can be quickly mounted on stone, concrete, steel, aluminium and wooden frames.

Paul Smith, Head of Marketing at F.H. Brundle, said:

“One of the product ranges where F.H. Brundle has made its name is the elegant range of balconies to suit any taste and requirement.”

“The new Sky Force French balcony range will further enhance our offering. It is the first practically invisible system on the market, ensuring a protection as well as a sense of sophistication.”

Thanks to its revolutionary ‘slide and click’ design, Sky Force can be mounted directly on the window frame or masonry and can cover widths of up to 3000mm with only one two-part balcony kit.

In addition to the two-part balcony kit, F.H. Brundle also offers a centrepiece, of varying glass thickness, for added support.

The new Sky Force product compliments the company’s new Juliet balcony single door and double door kits and the Juliet Infinity and Elegance ranges.

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