Thermal bridging resolved – Marmox Thermoblock

In a typical detached property, it has been calculated (Energy Saving Trust: Thermal Bridging and Airtightness 2009) that an unaddressed Thermal Bridge can account for 30 per cent of the building’s heat loss.

Heat loss at the wall-floor junction

One of the worst areas of heat loss through a thermal bridge is where the floor meets the wall allowing heat to be transmitted to the outside. In this area, up to 50% of heat in an otherwise well-insulated room can be lost.

The non-dwelling and dwelling versions of the regulations now require continuity of insulation at the wall-floor junction. Building regulations now require that heat loss due to thermal bridging should be taken into account in SAP calculations (for dwellings) and SBEM calculations (for buildings other than dwellings) at the design stage.

Stopping heat loss at the thermal bridge

Marmox Thermoblock is the proven solution to addressing and stopping heat loss at the wall-floor junction.

Marmox Thermoblock is a high insulating, load-bearing, building block designed to replace the course of brick or block at the bottom of a wall. Consisting of a core of highly insulting XPS (or PIR) with 18 load-bearing epoxy concrete columns and a polymer concrete facing on the top and bottom layers.

Incorporating Thermoblock to remove a thermal bridge can be shown to reduce the total heat loss in a room by 95 per cent.

Using Thermoblock high insulating, load-bearing, building blocks can even allow the level of insulation required elsewhere to be reduced.

 Marmox Thermoblock – Thermal Bridging Resolved

  • Low Thermal Conductivity 0.047W/mK
  • Guaranteed Low Ψ Values (part of bre’s certified thermal products scheme)
  • High load-bearing strength (9N/mm²)
  • Use at the wall-floor junction
  • Replaces brick or block layer
  • Unaffected by moisture

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