Timeless Design

Consumers are once again attributing value to a “Made in Great Britain” label. There is a clear trend towards timeless design, honesty and provenance. Passion in craftsmanship and durability of products is an increasingly important part of the decision making process.

Consumers expect choice as standard and staircases are no exception. Component or kit solutions no longer meet the needs of those wanting personalisation. At Bisca our commissions are truly bespoke, designed and manufactured precisely to each clients specification and preferences. We believe that taking the time at the beginning of a project to meet clients face to face and discussing all options is invaluable.

The clever part about design is having the ability and insight to incorporate both traditional and contemporary materials into a commission that withstands the test of time. We believe anything is possible – and allow our designers complete freedom to treat each project individually, not restricting designs around a range of existing stock or common arts. Aesthetic and structural implications need careful consideration and each staircase has to be planned individually.

Every interior should be treated as a unique space – a sleek, stainless steel staircase works well in lofty spaces and buildings with a high-tech, contemporary style whereas a very grand home with an impressive entrance hall requires something more majestic. T he stairs should interact with the building. The configuration of the staircase will depend on the space available  Space is one of the defining factors when designing a staircase and increasingly at a premium in homes. Bisca designers often have to maximize the illusion of light or openness, incorporate storage areas or work cleverly around room entrance and exits whilst executing a staircase design brief.

A feature staircase commands attention and it is important that it looks stunning from all angles, especially with the trend towards open plan living. As part of Bisca’s Concept Design process we present clients with various layout options and visuals of the proposed staircase.

Once the style and materials have been chosen, we get to work on the detail and it’s this attention to detail which sets us apart. Bisca believe what you don’t see is as important as what you do see and we take time to explore and resolve all interface details to ensure the commission is truly integrated into the property be it a new build or renovation project.

We would always advise consulting a staircase specialist who will be involved throughout the whole process, offering expert knowledge and the benefit of their considerable  experience. Designs must be beautiful as well as practical and safety is of paramount importance for staircase and it goes without saying that all new staircases and balustrades must conform to building regulations.

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