UEL students get global architectural award

Three UEL students have beaten off global competition to win “honourable mentions” in a leading architecture award.

The competition, called “Cebada Community Centre”, focuses on a community centre in Madrid which needed to be redesigned. The competition aimed to highlight students’ skill in repairing run-down areas of the inner city town.

The winners had to find architectural solutions to reactivate the community centre, while taking advantage of its potential, and to design somewhere to offer something to everyone, as well as keeping an open public space.

The UEL students were given honourable mentions in three different departments. These were: urban integration (Ahmed Elsirafi), sustainability (Tomohiro Himeno) and architectonic design (Esther Peyrovi).

UEL’s architectural senior lecturer, Michele Roelofsma, said:

“We saw this competition could reinforce the aims of our course, by providing the opportunity for our students to work with genuine inner-city urban issues.

“As the competition was open to entries from all over the world, it’s a great honour to have our students’ work recognised in this way.”

Student Esther Peyrovi added:

“We’re all very pleased to have our work and ideas recognised like this. It was really interesting to see the wide array of architectural ideas developed for the competition.

“The project was really engaging, and dealing with an existing building in a thriving Spanish culture pushed our creativity.”