Underground Housing for LED Drivers

For more than 20 years GIFAS ELECTRIC has been producing Floor Pits used for the underground distribution of electrical power, compressed air and water. The use of solid rubber distribution boards, stainless steel housings, and gas pistons means that the system is completely maintenance-free.

The product was initially designed for use on market places and town centres for weekly markets, Christmas markets, and many other open air events where electrical power is required. But as you can see from the photos attached this product has been used in many other places, including the Base Court in Hampton Court Palace, Corporate Headquarters, as well as for private dwellings.

The Floor Pit is designed to be used in closed position. That is to say connection is made and the lid is closed again, leaving everything out of sight, out of mind. Load rating of lid D400 (40 T).

More recently GIFAS was asked to design the Floor Pit so that it could house LED drivers to run 3 x 12m high LED illuminated letters. Those letters being R U N mounted outside of the Copper Box Handball Court at the London Olympics. A total of 70 x MeanWell CLG 150W LED drivers were used to power the 3 letters, and those LED drivers were housed inside of 5 x GIFAS Floor Pits. What you see is of course are the illuminated letters, what you don’t see are the 5 x Floor Pits installed directly in-front of the 3 letters. Out of sight, out of mind.