Unique roof and facade systems from BEMO

BEMO has engineered and supplied the unique roof and facade system to the new Convention Centre in Baku, Azerbaijan. Use of the BEMO-SMOOTH system ensured that the design intent of a flat surface with triangular and photovoltaic panels could be realised.

BEMO-SMOOTH is a system that uses the standing seam system to provide the thermal and acoustic performance requirements, as well as the weather layer. BEMO-TOP and BEMO-AKKORD rails are secured to the standing seams using a specialised machine; these rails do not penetrate the standing seam sheet, thus allowing thermal movement to continue without compromising the performance of the roof. The external panels are secured to these rails in any arrangement or pattern to suit the design; in fact the type of panel used is incredibly flexible, from PPC aluminium to ACM or Honeycomb panels, for example. Creating a true flat surface using metal can be incredibly challenging; the BEMO-SMOOTH system takes advantage of the structural performance of the standing seam system and close seam centres to ensure that the structural performance of the external panel is supported.

At Baku, the standing seam system used a TP135 deck profile to span the structural steelwork, and mineral fibre insulation to achieve the thermal and acoustic performance. BEMO specified the non-metallic GFK thermal halter, which minimises cold-bridging, along with a mass-customised top hat system to accommodate the complex geometry. The BEMO engineering package included complete structural design and specification of fixings and support for the A2 class ACM panel. The stucco embossed aluminium N65/400 panel below was produced in 1mm thick aluminium to suit the structural requirements, and provides a low maintenance weather surface for the building.

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