University of Kent focusses on accessibility in new student bathrooms

The University of Kent is maintaining a strong focus on accessibility within its residential student accommodation with the completion of four newly refurbished bathrooms in its Kemsdale Court and Stock Court buildings.

The fully accessible bathrooms have been furnished with the latest design of height adjustable products from Pressalit Care, providing the flexibility and functionality required for students living away from home.

The Pressalit Care Plus system chosen by The University of Kent offers not just the ability to easily raise and lower the height of individual bathroom elements, but the wall-mounted  Plus track system also allows for horizontal movement to suit individual needs.

The new bathrooms feature the Matrix Curve hand basin where the ergonomic design helps with the practicalities of everyday use. The shallow bowl allows for wheelchair access underneath, while the curved front edge of the basin provides ease and comfort of use, in particular allowing easy reach of the tap. With its traditional soft shape, the Matrix Curve is ideal for situations where consideration must be given to space.

Also chosen for the new bathrooms is the Pressalit Care shower seat, with back- and armrests. Electrically height adjustable by 500 mm with a wired hand control, the armrests are independently height adjustable. With foldable seat and arm rests, space in the bathrooms is maximised while maintaining space for manoeuvrability.

Andrew Lowndes, UK Sales Manager at Pressalit Care says,

“The University of Kent has selected bathroom furniture to give them the ultimate in flexibility, and the ultimate in efficiency.  Increased independence in the bathroom is a great contributor to self-esteem, especially for students using the accessible bathrooms for whom university living is often their first experience of living away from home.

“By including height and horizontally adjustable products with hand control facilities, the bathrooms are truly future-proofed for students with differing requirements.

“The importance of having a bathroom that meets the needs of the individual, whatever their circumstances, becomes increasingly important. Whether this is due to reduced functionality or limited mobility, the importance of a well fitted and appropriate bathroom cannot be underestimated.”