Viega Prevista: The new generation of pre-wall bathroom technology

Viega has introduced a new generation of pre-wall bathroom technology with the launch of Prevista. It features a newly redesigned pre-wall element alongside award winning flush plates that mix classic design, bold new ideas and the latest innovations.

At the heart of Prevista is a new cistern that has been developed in collaboration with customers and builds on the success of the previous Viega pre-wall systems. The Prevista pre-wall element is compatible with all Viega Visign flush plates, providing design freedom without compromise.

Prevista has been designed for easy installation, long-term reliability and superior flexibility. The frame is height adjustable, as standard, to allow up to a 60 millimetre adjustment to meet the needs of customers. It also features a universal shower toilet connection, providing simple compatibility with this increasingly popular choice of WC.

The range of Visign flush plates provides architects with a choice of designs and materials to suit every project and trend, from discreet and minimalist to modern and bold. With flush plates featuring glass, wood, metal and high-quality acrylic available, Visign flush plates project quality while supporting or even enhancing the design of any bathroom or washroom. The flush plates also provide the option for LED illumination to complement the bathroom lighting scheme. The Visign range includes products with touchless flush actuation for improved hygiene, such as the Visign for More 205 sensitive and Visign for Style 25 sensitive.

A number of Visign flush plates have also received accolades in the iF DESIGN AWARD 2020. The Visign for More 202 flush plate has been awarded the iF gold label for its innovative take on minimalist design. It was among only three products in the bathroom category to receive the gold label award. The Visign for More 204, Visign for More 205 sensitive, Visign for Style 23 and Visign for Style 24 flush plates were also all recognised by the award jury.

Scott James, Director at Viega said:

“Prevista marks a huge step forward for pre-wall systems, providing greater design freedom, easier installation and maximum reliability for customers. The newly redesigned and reengineered cistern combined with an award-winning range of flush plates allows unrivalled flexibility, choice and performance.”

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