Virtual reality design consultancy launches to revolutionise architecture and design process   

Andrew Lucas Studios provides state-of-the-art virtual reality experiences enabling VR collaboration in real-time, solving the age-old issue of miscommunication between the designer and end-user.

London, Thursday 15th September – Andrew Lucas Studios, a London-based design consultancy, today announces the launch of its ground-breaking virtual reality (VR) platform.

The new technology lets designers, architects, property developers and their customers step into a newly designed home or room before it has been built, and to verify and edit designs before costly mistakes are made.

Andrew Lucas Studios’ technology will effect a sea change in the way design professionals and property developers work with clients when devising spaces. One of the greatest challenges in design is helping a client visualise their project during the initial stages before anything is built. By creating virtual reality experiences, including lifelike effects such as light glare, prevailing winds, day-to-night time shifts and ambient noises, customers can experience a design down to the very last detail and provide accurate feedback to the designer as to any changes required in the project.

A key innovation in the Andrew Lucas Studios platform is the level of interactivity available within a virtual space. While immersed in a VR environment, users can change aspects such as floor tiles, wall coverings and furniture, experimenting with different styles and shapes to see what best suits the interior layout. Users can provide live feedback to designers and architects, who can re-design parts of the space, saving time and resources.

Krystian Zajac, Managing Director of Andrew Lucas Studios, comments:

“Architects and other design professionals have long used 2D plans and 3D renders to bring their projects to life, but these only tell half of the story. Rather than standing outside the window peering in, virtual reality places you inside a space, allowing you to fully explore and edit it to your tastes. In the years to come, no home will be designed without customers stepping into a virtual version beforehand.”

Andrew Lucas Studios is already working with a number of established design and architecture firms including London-based SODA, Casson Conder Partnership and Attol Architecture.

The company is also building strategic partnerships with a number of interior designers and product manufacturers exhibiting at this year’s 100% Design, including Mint Furniture, Eco Hardwood, Illuminati and Composition London, as it expands its growing design portfolio of furniture, products and other finishes that can be instantly included in each of its VR renders.

With research revealing that 800,000 virtual reality headsets will be sold this year in the UK according to CCS Insights, ranging from high-end headsets such as Oculus Rift to cheaper smartphone-powered headsets, the company looks set to ride of wave of VR innovation.

Zajac continues:

“We want to usher in a whole new way of designing homes and spaces. By making the most of the latest VR technology, customers and designers can now make changes to a living and breathing space before a design is even finalised. Not only could this change the way we create buildings forever, it could also be a game changer for manufacturers and retailers specialising in interior decoration products.”

For a preview of Andrew Lucas Studio’s Dream Home VR experience, you can view an interactive video walkthrough via the link below. On desktop you can use your mouse to view the property in 360°, while you can move your phone screen to look around when viewing from a mobile device. Please note that the YouTube app is recommended for maximum performance when watching on mobile phones and tablets.