VitrA Tiles launches two new on-trend collections at Cersaie 2019

VitrA Tiles is reinforcing its position as a leader in the manufacture of innovative tiling solutions, with two new ranges launched at Cersaie in September. CementMix and Wood Collection introduce new materials and textures, demonstrating VitrA Tiles’ expertise in ceramic design and technology. The ranges are suitable for either residential or commercial environments, ranging from kitchen and living spaces to swimming pools and terraces.

CementMix is a tile system based on cement, one of the fundamental materials in modern architecture. Inspired by a minimalistic aesthetic, CementMix softens the traditional brutalist look of cement with a variety of earthy colours in a harmonious palette of warm textures. It also reinterprets Terazzo pattens with the use of geometric speckles, natural stone and multicoloured marble chips.

CementMix interprets different layers of cement in six hues – three warm and three cool colour options. It brings a new dimension to industrial design for floors and walls, with three variations: Fine, Micro and Flake.

CementMix Fine interprets cement in the most minimal and simple form with a use of plaster and wallpaper texture, while CementMix Micro uses micro dots to revitalise the surface and create a natural effect.

CementMix Flake combines traditional Terrazo pattern with modern, industrial design. Inspired by organic textures and warm colours, CementMix Flake mixes each Terazzo pattern with one of the six colour options.

The second new range, Wood Collection, is inspired by nature and organic tree patterns. It reinterprets the traditional concept of wood in architecture and interior design. The tiles are informed by oak, which has been used as a building material for centuries and is still one of the most common components for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Wood Collection redefines the aesthetic of oak with new patterns and an urban look featured in the three new collections: Oakland, Craft and Urbanwood.

Available in four shades, Oakland is inspired by the most natural form of oak and reflects the inherent characteristic and tranquility of its texture. Representing the natural beauty of the knotless oak, the Oakland collection features 7.5×30cm mini size tiles, as well as an anti-slip surface for outdoor use.

The Craft collection provides a sophisticated look. With carefully selected patterns and five colour options, the new range comprises 20mm tiles specifically produced for outdoor use.

Urbanwood combines the simplicity of Scandinavian oak with concrete surface textures. Using innovative technology to create an industrial aesthetic, the collection transforms traditional oak wood with a contemporary texture, while the use of the anti-slip surface ensures it is safe to use in commercial and public spaces.