VMZINC – getting the detail right

A zinc clad roof or wall is no different to any other building envelope, the correct details must be designed and followed on site. It could be argued that zinc requires a higher level of detailing due to the durability of the metal. A zinc standing seam panel that could last 100 years or more (BRE EPD EN15804) needs details which are equally as robust.

VMZINC have recently launched an improved version of the G3 low profile ridge which includes a reinforced and colour coded clip. Not only can the ridge resist even higher wind loads but the stainless steel clip blends in beautifully with the finish used, whether it be ANTHRA-ZINC or QUARTZ-ZINC.

Internal gutters must also be correctly designed. As with all metal, zinc must be allowed to expand and contract, meaning soldering and expansion joints must be used. If the gutter incorporates a parapet it is possible to reduce the depth to as little as 50mm but it is critical that a minimum 1:100 fall be included.

If you would like any further information including samples, an online RIBA accredited CPD or information on VMZINC@WORK installers please do not hesitate to contact us.