Warmer winter takes £90 off heating bills since September

The average UK household will have saved around £90 on its heating bills between September and the end of the year due to the unseasonably mild weather, according to research by global engineering professional services consultancy, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff.

Heating homes accounts for around three-quarters of gas used at home, meaning warmer outside temperatures directly result in a reduction in energy demand.

The research shows that households have already saved £70 off their bills due to the mild winter, and if this continues over Christmas until the end of the year, this saving will rise to around £90, compared to a normal winter.*

The findings follow a white paper on overheating homes, which found that over 80 per cent of Londoners said they were too hot in their homes this summer.

WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff environmental director David Symons says:

“This winter’s been exceptionally mild so far, saving us all money on our heating in time for Christmas shopping. The difference in temperature between outside and inside homes in winter is the single most important factor shaping energy use at home. If it’s mild outside then less energy is needed to heat our homes.”

“But it’s not all good news. Climate change will bring hotter summers as well as warmer winters. One in twelve of affected Londoners have already installed air conditioning. So money saved on heating will increasingly be needed to pay to keep us cool instead.”

*Calculations can be found here