Waterloo creates the right air flow for key biomedical research

10,000 air distribution products from Waterloo Air Products, UK manufacturers of advanced air distribution and ventilation devices, have been installed in the new Francis Crick Institute. Waterloo’s products play a big part in creating the right air flow, to meet the conditions needed to carry out successful research in the state-of-the art research laboratory in central London.

The Francis Crick Institute is one of Europe’s leading biomedical research labs, carrying out important research on the biology underlying human health and disease.

With advancing technologies and research methods, the institute has been constructed to make sure the environment in which the tests are carried out, provide the best conditions possible to conduct accurate and successful research. Lab air, underground air and general air all required different air flow and distribution conditions.

This is why Waterloo Air products was chosen to provide its expertise in air flow and deliver over 10,000 air distribution products to the new development. Waterloo’s flexible ‘special as standard’ range of grilles and diffusers were ideal for the project. As the building came to life and the spec altered, the products were adjusted to meet changing requirements.

In total 15 different types of Waterloo air distribution devices were used throughout the building, including, over 4000 non-standard Laminar Flow diffusers supplied each with different configurations, lengths and spigot sizes to meet the various air flow requirements.

Ron Edmondson, Managing Director, Waterloo Air Products says,

“This project is a fantastic opportunity for us to play a role in such an important facility. For such a large scale development, our adjustable products and our expertise enabled us to meet the various levels of air tightness required to prevent contamination, and also provide a comfortable working environment for employees.

“Due to such a large volume of products, combined with managing the evolving requirements, a collaborative approach was required. We worked closely with Crown House Technologies (CHt) to ensure the correct air distribution systems were specified and available on site to meet the tight deadlines of the project.”