What do your washrooms say about your building?

There are many parts of a building that really emphasise what an establishment is all about. Experts at Amwell offer their advice on how to specify quality washrooms that say the right thing about your building and the company based there.

Take the front doors for example; these are not only the physical entrance to a building but also the mind’s first impression. And following this there are a series of first impressions that the user is left with. The entrance hall, is it light and airy? Or is it dark and stuffy? The reception desk, is it a cool slab of contemporary marble or is it dated 60s mahogany? The lift, is it spacious and clad with gleaming mirrors? Or is it a dark recess that once you’re inside is on a one stop mission to some uncertain fate?

Forgive the hyperbole, the point is all these things have an impact on the user and tells them a story, not only about the quality of the building but also the quality of the companies that work there.

The washrooms also play a big part in this.

When a building is brand new and ready to entice potential tenants, aside from the reception area and the lift, the only finished and furnished space is the washroom. Therefore that space needs to tell a story of quality, distinction and perfection. Think about when you visit the toilets in a restaurant. If the cubicles are tatty and the vanity area is not clean enough to put your shoes on let alone your handbag or wallet, it gives you a bad feeling about the hygiene standards in the kitchen. The same principle applies when visiting the washrooms in an office building. You want to be greeted by clean lines and contemporary colours. You want to feel smooth locking mechanisms and powerful hand dryers. You want to know that you are some- where that has been designed and built with passion and pride embedded in every inch of the building – if you feel this just from visiting the washroom, just think what it will feel like to actually work in a place like that.

So, how do you ensure a building creates this atmosphere and user experience? Firstly you need to choose a washroom man- ufacturer that can offer you choice. You need to know that whatever product range you choose, quality is at the heart of the brand. Washroom cubicles can be manufactured from an array of materials from melamine-faced chipboard to glass and even solid surface. Like most big decisions these days the final choice is often dictated by budget, but by no means should compromise the finished design.

A washroom manufacturer should be able to offer an establishment consistent quality throughout. There are key questions you should be asking your chosen supplier that will ensure you specify products that continue to look immaculate for years to come. What is the density of your core-board? How are your pilasters fixed to your partitions? What are the fixtures and fittings made from? How long has your system been on the market? What is its track record? When I am inside your cubicle, what fixtures and fittings will be visible? How is your cubicle fixed to the floor? What is my minimum ceiling clearance for this cubicle system? What guarantee am I being offered? The list goes on.

A washroom supplier should be able to give you detailed answers on all these questions, and fast. The manufacturer you deal with should recognise that they not only need to offer the best in terms of product quality and design but also the best in terms of customer service. Speed, accuracy and care; these three things bundled together with premium products determine the quality of the finished washroom. A washroom should ultimately say to people ‘this is a building of quality and stature’. It should evoke a sense of pride in the people that work there and look after itself for years to come because it has been crafted out of years of industry knowledge and experience.