Witcher Crawford launches ‘architecture with the right attitude’

One of the south’s leading residential architects, Witcher Crawford, is calling for a more client-friendly approach from the profession.

Partner Geoff Crawford, says:

“We find that clients become frustrated working with certain architects who are more interested in advancing their own architectural ideals. This means the client can often be lost in the design process. They want a property they love to live in and in which they can be proud. Successful design, particularly in the bespoke private sector, should be less about making a statement on behalf of the architect and more about the collaborative process with the client. In our view, this is the key part of the overall success of a design – the house is for the client, not for the designer.”

Witcher Crawford encourages this collaborative approach throughout every project. It has worked with clients in the UK, Channel Islands and the Caribbean to design and refurbish in a wide range of architectural styles from Palladian, Arts and Crafts and Victorian through to the most contemporary glass and concrete.

Geoff Crawford, comments:

“There is a tendency for architects to stick to the style that they find most comfortable. We hate repeating ideas from previous designs and are always looking for new ways to express ourselves that provide the best result for the client.”

The company is expert in adding sympathetic additions to listed buildings and scheduled ancient monuments. Build costs of their projects typically start at £1 million unless the client is an existing customer who wants a feature, such as a pool house, pavilion or cottage in the grounds.

Geoff and his partner Richard Witcher started the Winchester firm 11 years ago and have developed a team of 14 architects and technicians who all bring a unique style and personality to the business. “Not repeating ourselves extends to ensuring our staff are not clones as well!” says Richard.