Xpelair unveil new training centre

Xpelair Ventilation Solutions, one of the UK’s leading providers ventilation systems, has opened a new training centre at its Peterborough site following an extensive investment programme.

The centre forms part of the company’s multi-million pound relocation to state-of-the-art facilities, which are due to be officially opened later this year. The premises have been equipped with a wide range of Xpelair’s market leading ventilation solutions, including traditional fixed systems, modern demand controlled ventilation (DCV) systems and Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems.

The training centre will be the primary location for the company’s BPEC accredited training scheme, which is an essential qualification for any installer following the reclassification of ventilation installation as ‘notifiable work’ in 2010. The introduction of ventilation as notifiable work helped to regulate the ventilation industry and now means that any ventilation work must be carried out by a qualified, competent person and signed off by Building Control.

As such, Xpelair’s two-day BPEC course gives participants the opportunity to familiarise themselves with new and existing solutions, and better their knowledge of what’s available on the market. By learning first hand the benefits of each system they will be able to confidently and accurately specify the right ventilation solutions when in the field.

Trainees will also receive critical information on the latest industry regulations and updates to the Building Regulations that directly affect them on a daily basis and can help them ensure that their procedures and practices are all up to code.

The centre will also be used to deliver Xpelair’s comprehensive CPD (Continuous Professional Development) programmes that are a necessity for architects to maintain their RIBA status and for specifiers to keep abreast of industry developments. The courses discuss ventilation in various environments from residential and industrial, to social and education sectors.

The training covers important changes in legislation, design and performance criteria for various systems, installation and commissioning along with operation and maintenance – giving participants a complete overview of the essential ventilation considerations for any project.

Mark Quigley, Commercial Director of Xpelair, commented:

“As new technologies emerge, it’s essential that installers develop their knowledge of the solutions available, in order to accurately specify the best solutions for projects. This will not only help them enhance their reputation within the industry but also grow their business.

“Our BPEC and CPD courses have proved very popular and the new state-of-the-art facilities will allow installers and specifiers to develop their knowledge of complex systems that they may have had little previous experience of, such as MVHR and DCV. With these systems looking set to become the industry standard in the next few years, it’s particularly imperative for the future employability of installers that they are competently and accurately able to install these types of systems.”

The centre currently runs a regular schedule of BPEC and CPD courses and those interested in registering should visit www.xpelair.co.uk or call 0844 372 7750.