Brasserie Les Haras at Hotel Les Haras, Strasbourg

This project comprises a four star hotel and the Michelin 3-starred chef Marc Haeberlin’s first brasserie.

Les Haras allies architectural creativity and technological innovation, two particular areas of French expertise, with philanthropy, an unprecedented mix for a historic redevelopment project in France.

Rediscover the unique charm of the National Stud Farm set in a rare setting in the heart of Strasbourg on the edge of the Petite France historical quarter:

  • a prestige hotel, with a contemporary flair, a Brasserie restaurant managed by Marc Haeberlin, both a fair representation of the former National Stud Farm, decorated by the famous duet of designer-architect Jouin-Manku,
  • a mesmerising and secret place built in the middle of the 18th century along the medieval ramparts of the town, nestled in Strasbourg’s former National Stud Farm, classified as a historical monument since 1922.

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