Hotel Ritter Durbach

Housed within a building boasting a history of over 500 years, this sprawling spa area covers 600m² and several levels. A host of quiet zones complement the facility’s pool, sauna and fitness areas. The colour and material concept provides a common thread throughout this design, reflecting the beauty of the surrounding vineyards. Especially delightful: the wide variety of quiet areas available to guests under a single roof, including a library, herb chamber and a relaxation area in the loft.

JOI-Design’s objective was to create a unique leisure experience that embraced its location without damaging the hotel’s soul. Through contemporary palettes and materials, their solution bridges the traditional with the modern by bringing 21st century twists to classic German concepts.

With a vibrant play upon baroque style, Wilder Ritter (wild knight) has been given a refined makeover fitting for its Michelin star. Scrolled tone-on-tone ebony wallcovering and rich timber panelling are emboldened by splashes of crimson velvet in the upholstered chairs and twinkling crystal chandeliers. On the walls, curated collections of vintage silver dining utensils become art installations.

Working in harmony with the existing décor, the new annex continues this tapestry of the old and the new. Thriving demand has led to an increase in the conference facilities. New meeting rooms subtly reference the region’s winemaking heritage with an abstract grape motif in their carpets. A relaxed break-out space mixes comfortable conversation areas with natural touches that encourage guests to feel at ease, as seen, for example, with the curved bar top hewn from a hefty timber plank and tree branches that double as candleholders on the coffee tables.

A charming new introduction is the Ritter Lounge, a 45 m2 winter garden with an inviting, light-filled atrium designed to have plenty of glazing and skylights for the rays of the sun to filter through. In the centre, a modern fireplace warms guests as they soak-up the sunshine in comfy leather armchairs enlivened by dashes of magenta and lime in the scrolled accent cushions.

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