Omagh Community Fire Station

The station was designed by HLM taking inspiration and lessons from some of the best fire stations and training facilities across Ireland and the UK – it represents the first of a series of innovative prototypical stations providing community transparency and a strong identity for the service that can expand and contract reflecting each site and operational requirements.

HLM led workshops with a cross-section of Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service (NIFRS) operational and local station staff, including district and area commanders, Health Estates Investment Group, trainers and, of course, the local firefighters themselves to develop an operationally lead design. The design also addresses specific gender considerations thanks to a female firefighter’s workshop, reflecting the changing nature of the NIFRS.

The result is a district headquarters with a fire station housing six fire appliances. This presents a new piece of civic architecture to the NIFRS building stock and to this area of Omagh. There’s a community fire safety centre, district and station training facility, dedicated transport and engineering workshop. The station, while providing the key operational and administration hub for the district, also has a silver command facility offering operational resilience for major incidences across Tyrone and Fermanagh.

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