Sackville’s London bar and grill

Sackville’s brand identity is drawn from the sleek, sophisticated and understated luxury evoked through tailoring activity back in the 1960’s. The menu’s key ingredient is the truffle – the rarity of this product and its black colour combined with tailoring aesthetics form the core of the brand identity. The black tones of the truffle are depicted in the calligraphy on the slightly textured, off white paper menus, reminiscent of tailors’ paper. As the building was historically a tailor’s shop and workspace, B3 Designers used these two facets of the tailor identity to form a consistent design language throughout the space. The ground floor has a sleek, sophisticated style with stripped back walls, exposing the existing brick work and rough render, combined with contemporary dining chairs in deep brown leather. These design elements personify what was once the Carr Woor and Sons tailors’ elegant showroom. The basement has a contrasting utilitarian feel, symbolic of the ‘workroom’ where Hicks & Sons would do all their cutting.

Dark grey woodwork and existing sandstone facade on the exterior create a moody and mysterious shop front. Discrete signage and visitors only recognizing the address by the door, ‘No. 8a’, evoke a speakeasy look and feel to the restaurant upon arrival. The sense of ‘conceal and reveal’ is introduced by this secluded exterior. On entering the restaurant, visitors are greeted by a meat hanging display case, which overlooks the stairwell to the basement. This chilled case allows the restaurant to hang, age and later serve, cut meats on site. The words ‘accept the mystery’ illuminates the front of the case in white neon, which reflects throughout the glass and mirror on the ground floor. The bespoke feature glass screen – with a frame of antique brushed brass mixed with a variety of mottled and textured glass – blends in with the heritage of the building and creates a partly isolated entranceway, evoking a sense of arrival.

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