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Bringing our readers unique, high-value content is something which netMAGmedia is always investing in. As such, we have partnered with audience research firm Edge Insight to survey our readerships on key topics which matter to them. From offsite construction, to Passivhaus, to remote monitoring of social housing, our survey findings are captured in sponsored White Papers and circulated among our audiences to develop specific market knowledge.

Below are some of our recent White Papers. Please fill out the form below to sign up to our mailing list and download the full reports.


Exploring Current Thinking on Passivhaus - May 2021

Passivhaus is largely accepted by architects as an effective means of drastically reducing emissions in a range of building types, and therefore as an important weapon in the battle to reach the Government’s net zero target by 2050. But what about the wider supply chain, and clients? What accounts for the relatively poor takeup of Passivhaus in the UK compared with other countries, and what are the remaining stigmas and misconceptions around Passivhaus that need to be addressed?

Our survey of architects reveals designers’ real-world experiences of Passivhaus design, how it fits within the current procurement agenda, and what the remaining challenges are to the wider takeup hoped for by many. The White Paper is therefore essential reading for anyone interested in designers’ current perceptions on Passivhaus in the UK.

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Exploring Current Thinking in Offsite Construction - November 2020

Offsite construction is hailed as the answer to the construction industry’s most pressing problems, including speed of delivery, the ‘performance gap’ in quality, and an increasing skills shortage. With the Government having set a goal of 300,000 new homes per year, fast and efficient offsite construction is not just a business benefit for clients, it has become a political imperative. 

The survey of architects we conducted with Edge Insight demonstrated the design challenges posed by the rise of offsite construction, such as greater standardisation, but also the benefits for architects, from a more rigorous focus on build quality in projects, to enhanced collaboration. The views and experiences of design professionals in the sector captured in the White Paper provide illuminating findings for anyone involved in promoting or developing offsite construction.

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