EWI fire testing CPD launched for architects and specifiers

A new CPD has been launched to help architects and specifiers improve their understanding of the fire safety considerations that must be made when specifying External Wall Insulation (EWI) systems. The Reaction to Fire – Everything You Need to Consider When Choosing Façade... View Article

RIBA CPD: Fire and Smoke: Access Solutions

Join us on Friday 30th September 2022 @ 11.00am, for our live RIBA accredited CPD seminar ‘FIRE & SMOKE – ACCESS SOLUTIONS’, to gain exclusive information on managing access, fire safety and security requirements in your building for fire rated... View Article

Building Matters Podcast Launched: Shaping The Future Of Construction

Lignacite’s expert panel picks apart the thorniest challenges facing the construction industry and discusses the foundations for change in the new Building Matters podcast. Bringing together forward-thinking minds from leading architectural practices and Lignacite’s own team, this new podcast gives... View Article

Introducing Cellecta’s Low CO₂ Flooring System

Cellecta are excited to launch its latest innovative, environmentally friendly product, insuBEAM® – the low CO2, high thermal performance beam and insulation block system. insuBEAM® is lighter and quicker to install than traditional beam and concrete block flooring, whilst dramatically... View Article

Updated Part F CPD from Titon now available

Following the update to the Building Regulations 2010 (Part F1 Dwellings 2022), Titon has revised its popular ‘Part F 2010 Domestic Buildings Compliance’ CPD presentation to help gain a deeper understanding of the new requirements. With the updated edition of... View Article

Sign up for Kingspan CPD on Part L

The Kingspan Kooltherm® range of products feature an advanced, slim profile and fibre–free insulation core with an outstanding thermal conductivity as low as 0.018 W/mK. The drive to reducing carbon emissions is an ever increasing narrative in the construction industry, using... View Article

CPD: Safe roof access & smoke ventilation for flat roofs

Friday 27th May 2022 @ 9.30am Join us for our live RIBA accredited CPD seminar ‘Safe Roof Access & Smoke Ventilation for Flat Roofs’. Gain exclusive information on managing safe access, fire safety, smoke ventilation and security requirements in your... View Article

Marshalls’ launches new CPD programme

Marshalls has today launched the first in a new suite of sustainability CPDs – now available to book either online or at your practice. Click here to register for your free session Choose from two new topics: Creating Climate Resilient... View Article

Safe access all areas: CPD

Join us on Tuesday 29th March 2022 @ 2.00pm for our live RIBA accredited CPD seminar ‘SAFE ACCESS ALL AREAS’, our Essential Guide to Safe, Practical & Aesthetic Roof, Wall and Floor Access Solutions discusses new design considerations, fire testing... View Article

M-AR CPD provides invaluable offsite insight

Offsite contractor, M-AR has launched a brand-new CPD module focussed exclusively on modern methods of construction (MMC) and exploring how best to maximise the benefits of offsite. Typifying M-AR’s open and collaborative approach to improving standards across the industry, the... View Article

Ensuring safety from specification with Siderise

Earn points and learn more about the passive fire protection requirements needed for ventilated facades in the UK. With the gloom of January behind us, it is now the point in the year when we can really start to look... View Article