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Latest Issue : August 2021

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  • ON THE COVER: The Rye Apartments in Peckham saw Tikari Works step into the much-missed Master Builder role as architect, contractor and developer, achieving a high quality, carefully detailed pair of CLT-framed buildings. Cover image © Jack Hobhouse. For the full report on this project, go to page 28.
  • Jack Wooler reports on a new critical care hospital in Wales has been designed by BDP for optimum efficiency to attract the best staff, while also achieving a greatly accelerated programme to tackle Covid.
  • Architects Tikari Works took the role of not only designer, but also developer and contractor to achieve a high quality result on a CLT-framed residential scheme in Peckham. James Parker reports.
  • Additional features, interviews and comments from Bailey Street Furniture Group, Record UK, Neil Davies Architects, Howells Patent Glazing, Cliveden Conservation, and more.

And much more…