An open and shut case

Darren Hyde of the Automatic Door Suppliers Association, discusses why there is a clear cut case for creating and maintaining standards for automatic doors, and why they need to be reviewed against a landscape of fast-changing technologies, new products and... View Article

‘O’ for a balance between thermal comfort and health

Meeting Part O means achieving a balance between thermal comfort and healthy indoor air quality for residents; as James Fisher from Titon Ventilation explains Ventilation plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy and comfortable indoor environment in residential applications.... View Article

A more modern way to manage wastewater

David Stagg from Graf UK explains why innovative sequencing technology is the way forward for efficient wastewater management in developments Nutrient neutrality that requires reductions in nitrates and phosphates, reducing ammonia levels in the effluent and carbon dosing – the... View Article

Fix project performance and aesthetics

Mark Newell of EJOT highlights how some of the latest developments in fixings and profiles are enhancing system performance and aesthetics External wall insulation (EWI) systems, which we also refer to as ETICS, are playing a crucial role in upgrading... View Article

Hit the Passivhaus balance

Vasilis Giannopoulos from Internorm explains how to meet the stringent demands of Passivhaus and EnerPHit while balancing daylight, insulation, and durability The windows in any building, including Passivhaus designs, have a multi-faceted role. They need to provide abundant daylight, make... View Article

Practice Profile: NBBJ

LISTEN HERE One of the world’s top architectural firms, US-founded NBBJ built a global reputation among healthcare and major corporate clients, but despite its size still aims to place people at the heart of all its buildings. Laura Shadwell reports... View Article

View Point: Rory Bergin of HTA Design

LISTEN HERE How can architects use place-specific data on design outcomes to have a meaningful impact in future projects? Rory Bergin of HTA Design proposes a change of approach ‘If you can’t measure it, you cannot manage it’ has been... View Article

Shared opportunity

LISTEN HERE James Parker reports on how Assael Architecture achieved a pioneering co-living scheme which used a difficult site to the full to give single occupants and keyworkers a foothold in London, plus co-working and shared amenities to combat loneliness... View Article

Absorb the ‘sponge city’ theory

With recent flooding reminding everyone of the results of climate change and sealing up urban areas, Chris Hodson from trade body MPA Precast (Interpave) explains how taking collective responsibility for the issue is leading to a new ‘sponge city’ concept... View Article

Foiling the doubters

Daniel McKane from YBS Insulation explains the thermal and practical qualities which reflective multi-foil insulation solutions are developed to provide, and why these make them well suited for domestic applications in particular For contractors and architects on a domestic housing... View Article

Truly sustainable style in the bathroom

Tom Reynolds of the Bathroom Manufacturers Association, urges specifiers to adopt accredited wood products to provide a genuinely sustainable bathroom solution for customers and the environment British consumers are increasingly attuned to the environmental impact of their choices, from packaging... View Article

Maintain a physical presence

Physical security systems are not a new concept, but they are equal in importance to cyber security measures when it comes to protecting people, property, and assets, as Roger Humphreys of Charter Global explains Historically, perimeter security mostly referred to the... View Article


The architecture and design community in and around London will once again gather together in March at The Truman Brewery to explore the latest innovations available within the built environment at ARCHITECT@WORK London. Over 200 cutting-edge and vetted products and... View Article

Ask the Architect: Greg Blee

LISTEN HERE Greg Blee, founder of Blee Halligan, tells ADF how he found himself working in architecture almost by accident, and why he now focuses on creating projects overseas which blend into their landscapes What made you want to become... View Article

Industrial revelation

LISTEN HERE Dubbed the ‘grandparent of the skyscraper,’ the iron-framed former flaxmill in Shrewsbury has been brought back to life as a workplace and museum by architects Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios. James Parker reports on how they worked with Historic... View Article

Step by step collaboration

Ed Rhys-Hurn from Zakuna explains the benefits of collaboration with interior designers, architects and contractors early on in the stair design process to avoid challenges presented by design, regulations and installation issues Regardless of the chosen method of construction for... View Article

Healthy energy efficiency

In order to reach the 2050 net zero targets, building designers are faced with some tough choices. Louise McHugh of Vent-Axia explains how heat recovery ventilation can provide the efficiencies plus the right air quality, while avoiding overengineering Despite the... View Article

In support of brick’s appeal

Bricks, in conjunction with innovative masonry support systems, are building on their appeal as architects increasingly specify them across a wide range of new buildings. IG Masonry Support’s Andy Sharlot explains Modern brick slip products enable the creation of bespoke... View Article

Openings for a net zero future

The UK Government has proposed the Future Homes Standard to ensure new homes built from 2025 will produce 75-80% less carbon. Chris Armes from Liniar Design & Development offers advice on choosing windows and doors for low carbon development projects... View Article