Unicorn Island masterplan

The Start-Up exhibition and conference centre, the first building within Chengdu’s Unicorn Island masterplan, is nearing completion With China’s economy evolving from traditional industries to internet and technology-based organisations, the country is now home to a third of the world’s... View Article

Promotion for Designer Contracts interiors division

The UK’s largest flooring contractor, Designer Contracts, has announced a senior promotion within its 16-strong interior design division. Joining the business three years ago, and with almost a decade of experience in interior design, Faye Armstrong entered the showhome division... View Article

Galvanizing the sustainable finish

Galvanizing has long been recognised as the most sustainable finishing process available, and with the ever-evolving emergence of new technologies, it is increasingly becoming even more-environmentally friendly. Steel is a vital raw material in many industries across the world, but... View Article

Turkel Design Studio complete new house in California

Designed and built according to innovative prefabricated construction systems and technologies, Axiom Desert House is characterised by a pillar and beam construction with a large open room that opens onto a private courtyard, just as in the Californian lifestyle and... View Article