Nordic Copper Bristol Fashion

  A major new residential building in Bristol is defined by its 170m long facade, clad in Nordic Brown Light pre-oxidised copper – adding a warm, naturally developing character and complementing its modern, listed neighbour. Designed by Ferguson Mann Architects... View Article

Jackon brings ICF innovation to UK market

Jackodur Atlas and Thermomur, two Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) systems from Jackon are set to revolutionise UK house construction in the coming years. ICF is a modern construction method, which is widely used in Europe and North America and is... View Article

Touch-free urinal flushing technologies from Viega

Designed for maximum hygiene and cleanliness, Viega has introduced two new touch-free flushing technologies for urinals in public facilities such as offices, transport hubs and sports stadiums. The concealed and infrared flushing solutions are available in a variety of design... View Article

STO creates balanced acoustics for high profile building

A StoSilent Distance acoustic system has been used to create a balanced and practical acoustic environment for a major London landmark building. Originally built to house the Financial Times newspaper, Bracken House was the first in England, and the second... View Article

Redesign with Architextural

The trend for upcycling shows no sign of abating; hotels are increasingly looking for ways to upgrade their interiors on a budget and without the upheaval of ripping out and replacing furniture. Such an approach also taps into the trend... View Article

Winter Gardens utilise Style’s partitioning solution

The newly built Waterson Building is home to a boutique collection of luxury residential accommodation located in the heart of Shoreditch, E2. Aiming to maximise floor space in the stylish lofts, apartments and penthouses, elegant glass enclosed winter gardens are... View Article

H.D. Services Ltd adapts to protect staff and clients

Established in 1988, H.D. Services Ltd are an award-winning, family run company operating throughout the South East. We specialise in the construction and development of boreholes and soakaways and the installation and maintenance of independent sewage treatment systems and open-loop... View Article

C-TEC’s CAST and Hush Pro systems specified at mixed-use site

C-TEC’s revolutionary CAST and Hush Pro fire alarm systems are safeguarding a charming cluster of commercial and residential properties in Llangollen, Wales. As a ‘mixed-use’ building housing both business units and domestic dwellings, a combination of commercial and residential fire systems was required. Allied... View Article

Three is the magic number for modern housing development

An innovative combination of three reflective, insulating and low emissivity construction membranes from Glidevale Protect has been used to deliver the magic formula for a new build apartment scheme in Plymouth, Devon, helping achieve the key driver of energy efficiency... View Article

A new generation of luxury electric fires

Introducing our stunning new range of highly efficient, authentic and stylish electric fires. The focus of your living space, these fires have been designed and manufactured with optimal controllability of heat, light and sound as the critical elements. The visually... View Article

New infrared hearing solutions now available from SigNET

Listentech’s innovative ListenIR range of infrared hearing technology is now available from SigNET. Ideal for classrooms, performing arts studios, courtrooms, places of worship or anywhere where amplified audio needs to be private, the range includes lightweight IR transmitters and radiators, receivers and accessories, all designed to offer an exceptional... View Article