5 AI solutions you should implement for your next home improvement

Do you want your life to be more advanced and convenient? Maybe it’s the right time to invest in some AI devices for your home. Over the years, the idea of smart houses was a concept featured only in cartoons and science fiction movies. Right now, smart homes are a possibility, and the price of AI-powered devices is getting lower and lower. What was considered a luxury ten years ago had become a necessity today.

Modern technology allows people to control what happens in their homes with their voices, gestures, or smartphones. You can connect and automate everything, from window shades to speakers and pet feeders. There are two ways you can acquire a smart home. If you are thinking about buying a new home, you can choose a reliable realtor like Hilton Head realtor and ask them for the best smart homes they have to offer. The second way is to add all devices yourself. So what high-tech home solutions are best to implement for your next home improvement?

Smart Speakers
Smart speakers are voice-activated devices with a feature called virtual assistants that help you with your daily tasks. For example, Amazon’s VA named Alexa can search the web and inform you about the weather outside, find the nearest cinemas that play the movie you would want to see, or remind you of important meetings you put in your calendar. Besides playing music, you can ask your speakers to write down some notes in your virtual notebook or help you control other smart appliances at your place.

Smart speakers are sometimes a necessity for smart devices like lights or thermostats. They allow you to control them with only voice commands and make hands-free phone calls. Google and Amazon produce the most popular smart speakers on the market, but you can find high-quality devices from Apple, Sonos, and Bose.

Security Cameras
If you are worried about your home’s safety, it’s the right time to invest in a smart security system. The system you choose must be flexible and adaptable to match the latest technology and updates. AI cameras offer a range of useful features like intelligent alerts and person detection. The time of irritating notifications every time some animal will cross your backyard is over. More advanced cameras can distinguish a human from other moving objects and alert you only when necessary.

When choosing an AI camera for your home, the essential features you have to look for are excellent video, 2-way audio, and regional scope detection. Cloud-based memory is also worth noting as it makes your recordings much safer in case something terrible happens, and you may need to have a complete video.

Intelligent Lights
Smart light bulbs are probably one of the first things most smart-users buy. Many benefits come from a whole-light smart system installed at your house, including “vacation mode” that makes it look like you are home when you are actually away.

Smart light bulbs can wirelessly connect with various apps, and that’s a capability that opens up some major possibilities. There is no longer a need for getting up in order to turn off the lights. Now, you can do it with only one voice command. One of the basic features of smart bulbs is dimming all the lights however you want.

Some lights have a feature that allows you to plan a schedule and control them from wherever you are. You can find brands that offer a hub that can sync all lights together so you can control them with one app.

Smart Beds
There are cheap devices like smart bands that can help you regulate your sleep and gather some basic data, but neither one of them can even compare to a smart bed. Smart beds use sensors and other technologies to self-adjust and improve your sleep. Some of them can also deliver all the information to the app on your smartphone and offer tips on creating a more enjoyable experience at night. If you decide on using smart bed sheets, you don’t need to worry about the right temperature, as it can change it to better suit your needs.

Robot Vacuums
Vacuuming is some people’s worst nightmare, especially when you have a big home with animals and a garden. The sand and hair are everywhere, and in order to avoid crunchy floors, you must vacuum almost every day. Fortunately, with smart vacuuming robots, you can take longer breaks, make an everyday schedule and enjoy having a clean home without wasting time yourself. Low batteries are no longer a problem, as the docking station ensures that the robot will always be charged.

The Bottom Line
Technology makes our homes better and more convenient. Smart homes are the future standard of living as they can also help make our homes more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Imagine a home when the alarm clock wakes you up at the right hour because it already knows your schedule, and all devices can turn on and off by themselves. Mundane tasks that take a lot of time from our lives will slowly become more automatic, and the possibilities of implementing new solutions are endless.

The more people decide on using smart appliances in their life, the faster the whole industry will flourish. Now, you can also be a part of this technological revolution! Having a smart home is just pure joy!