Air Leakage and Fire Performance in Facade Systems

Register to save your place for the A.Proctor Group’s “Air Leakage and Fire Performance in Facade Systems” Webinar which takes place on Friday, 3rd of May at 10AM.

This RIBA-assessed webinar aims to provide an overview of UK and Irish building regulations relating to the compliance of construction membranes, with respect to air leakage and reaction to fire. It will cover adjacent issues of moisture control and hygrothermal assessment, and the implications of air leakage strategies on both energy efficiency and “as designed” vs “as-built” performance. By the end of the presentation you should have a greater understanding of:

  • Heat, Air and Moisture movement in building and relevant building regulations
  • Hygrothermal Assessments, Dynamic vs Steady State methods
  • Mechanisms and effects of air leakage on building envelopes
  • Performance and location of membranes as air barriers in facade applications
  • Fire test methods, classifications and BR135
  • The relationships between hygrothermal and fire performance criteria and their implications

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