Bath Road co-living scheme allowed by Planning Inspectorate

A new, 15-storey co-living development on Bath Road in Hounslow town centre has been allowed by the Planning Inspectorate, following a four day public inquiry.  It will provide much needed quality housing for young flatsharers – setting a new standard for modern living with a pioneering co-living approach designed to bring people together as a community.

The scheme is being developed in partnership with Galliard Homes and Princeton, and designed by LOM architecture and design, with planning supported by Barton Willmore and Montagu Evans.

Bath Road will consist of professionally managed accommodation, providing quality private studio spaces for residents with a bedroom, living space, kitchenette and ensuite bathroom.  Residents will have access to a wide variety of shared spaces such as working areas, a library, lounges, communal kitchens, a gym, laundrette, games room and roof terraces.  The co-living model allows tenants to benefit from a bigger and better range of spaces and amenities than those offered by traditional housing.

The design of the building itself celebrates the modular nature of co-living – of the individual within the collective – with a gridded façade that wraps around the building, providing the base to express individuality and dynamic change over time, with active frontages and façade elements reflecting the activities within.  It will be a distinctive and dynamic landmark for Hounslow – complementing Hounslow’s new civic centre, Hounslow House, with an improved ‘door step’ public realm offer, developing the area’s identity and activity, and enhancing local connectivity.  Benefiting from this site’s central location and public transport accessibility, the design proposals embraced the opportunity to rethink the nature of a West London urban hub – supporting Hounslow’s ongoing revitalisation.

Simon Bird, Director at LOM architecture and design, said:

“This is an opportunity to rethink ways of living by innovating and offering alternatives beyond conventional residential models.  This approach, in these kind of locations, is all about creating communities and bring vibrancy to our High Streets at a time when we need to be rethinking what they can be.  Bath Road provides high quality housing that creates a new and exciting place to live for young renters where social interaction is key. This building brings people together in vibrant shared spaces while delivering activity and vibrancy to Hounslow Town Centre.”

Phil Clark, Chief Planner at Galliard Homes, said:

“Bath Road is an exceptional architectural proposal providing both high quality co-living accommodation and a positive and fresh contribution to Hounslow Town Centre.  Credit is due to the efforts of the whole team – who have remained focused and committed throughout all aspects of the project.  This is a well-deserved outcome of which we can all be very proud.”

Graeme Warriner, Planning Director at Barton Willmore, said:

“This is only the second GLA referable co-living scheme to be approved, which demonstrates the high architectural quality of the proposals and its internal functioning.  The building will include over 2,500 sq m of communal lounges, games areas, a gym, launderette and library, roof garden and kitchen space.  It will provide a benchmark standard for new co-living developments coming forward.  With shared office space and active uses on ground floor, the scheme will present an exciting and vibrant addition to the town centre that will improve legibility and wayfinding from the nearby stations. I look forward to seeing it developed.”