Contour revamps Sovereign range for 2020

Introducing Sovereign: Contour’s new range of wall and floor mounted heat convectors. Combining sleek design and functional usability, these convectors-with lamella heat exchangers-have been manufactured for office and sales areas, car showrooms, hotels and other public buildings.

Providing Public Spaces With Low Surface Temperatures
The Sovereign range is particularly suitable in spaces occupied by members of the public. In such environments, a low surface temperature is required to ensure effective heat output while adhering to UK safety standards for radiator surface temperatures. Due to its minimal water usage, users benefit from simple controllability and rapid heating, enhancing thermal comfort conditions.

Efficient Heating
Reducing thermal inertia when heating, the Sovereign range reacts quickly to ambient temperature fluctuations caused by accidental heat gains.

These fluctuations can occur for a number of reasons:

  • When rooms are exposed to natural sunlight
  • When open doorways lead outside
  • Where there is a high traffic of people

In such instances, a heat convector which is receptive and versatile is essential in ensuring the comfort of the user.

Effortless Design
An elegant substitute for standard panel radiators, the Sovereign range is proving to be a popular product due to its simple and effortless design. Their aesthetic appeal means that they subtly complement any area in which they are situated, and with their wide range of colour options, they can be perfectly customised to suit your design requirements.

To learn more about the new Sovereign range, and to access technical documentation, simply follow this link.