Corksol launches new CPD highlighting the sustainable benefits of cork-based coatings

Corksol, the exclusive UK distributor of the revolutionary SprayCork coating, has launched a new CPD course direct to applicators and specifiers.

The new CPD programme, ‘An introduction to cork as a sustainable coating solution’ will provide a valuable learning experience for practitioners, delivering expert technical knowledge as well as a well-rounded review of the render and plaster industry in an age driven by sustainability.

With a robust set of environmental credentials and a vision to change the future of building coatings with a product which is 100% sustainable, the CPD delves into how well SprayCork is suited to the green build environment. The programme expertly highlights the production process, while giving an insight into the raw material and the company’s ethical treatment of cork harvesting communities, as well as how waste cork product is recycled.

Exploring the technical side, the CPD covers what makes cork an unrivalled natural thermal insulator and many of the other benefits of choosing SprayCork from flexibility through to its weatherproofing properties.

Managing Director of Corksol, Joff Ward comments:

“The focus on sustainable building continues, with housebuilders, architects and specifiers now putting it to the top of their agenda. We’re keen to ensure professionals stay up-to-date with the latest in environmentally-friendly renders and plasters so they are able specify SprayCork when they need a green solution, giving them an edge over other renderers who are not up to speed with sustainable options.”

Corksol is the sole supplier of the SprayCork coating across the UK, providing an ethical, high-performance coating solution for commercial and residential, newbuilds and retrofit projects. Supplying directly to the trade, the company takes pride in its outstanding customer service, commitment to sustainable innovation and its ability to meet the needs of any size or scale specification project, providing a resolution to fit any brief.

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